Meet Boo the Boston

So 21 days after our wedding and just 10 days after we got home from our honeymoon Jason and I decided that we could probably think of no better time than July 1st to get a puppy. So that’s what we did…

Boo (aka Boo Boo Bear Kleist)

I (Rachel) have wanted a puppy forever. Every 2 weeks or so I’d ask Jason why he hadn’t gotten us a puppy yet and he’d say things like, “I live at the Walkers & this is not my house.” or ” You work at Parchments, we don’t have any money.” or “We’re not married so, who’s really going to take care of the dog?” or just simply, “No”. That last one was a popular one, it always hurt my feelings.

So when we moved into our town home I saw this as my opportunity to finally get the puppy I’d always wanted. Then, to my dismay, the landlord said “No pets”. This was hard for me, but the place we’re living is just too perfect to pass up. So, I lowered my head and kicked a little rock across the pavement and whimpered “Fine, I’ll just get a puppy never”. (Like a child)

Then the wedding happened and I kinda forgot about getting a puppy and focused more on all those wedding details and my trip to Disneyworld.

But then we came home. And every time I walked in the door and there wasn’t a puppy there to greet me or to vacuum clean the crumbs off the floor… I became a little more sad about it. So, I gathered up all my courage and e-mailed our landlord to ask if we could get a dog. I realize this is a risky move, he could have been like, “No, you’re dumb”. But, I’m awesome and he said, “Ok, I like you guys, get a dog”. BOOOM.

2 hours later I was on finding my new pooch. J and I fell in love with “Bonnie” so, I called the breeder in Merced and asked him to please hold that gal for us so we could come meet her the next day.

It was truly love at first sight…


She climbed into our laps and we knew it was over. The breeder let us know that she could never be a show dog because of her imperfections (coloring on her face is off, she has a dewclaw, her ears aren’t perked-up all the way up), but all of those things just made us love her more.

So we changed her name to Boo (from Monsters Inc.) and brought her to her new home at Castle Von Kleist. She was a perfect little sleeping baby in the beginning but, now she’s crazy. Seriously, she just takes off running and slams into walls and chairs and people but she obviously has a really high pain tolerance because she does it over and over and over again.

We even tried to make her swim the other day, to tire her out, she did good but then she slept like this for almost 2 hours… (success)

They made me go in water 🙁

Anyways, if you’d like to meet her come on over, she’s a sweetie and we want to make sure she meets lots of people and kids and other dogs. Here’s some more pics… and a video for your viewing pleasure.

Just sleepin’ on some hairy legs


And here is her favorite game of all time… what a weirdo.