Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

Before Jason, I (Rachel) was a terrible cook. Actually, I wasn’t so much a terrible cook, I just had never tried or cared to learn. Thankfully Jason comes from a family who values the art of cooking, so it was only inevitable that I’d learn.

My new favorite thing is Pinterest. We’ll come up with an idea and I’ll type it in Pinterest and 700+ delicious recipes will flood my feed. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone did anything before the internet. Yesterday we re-filled our Altamont Beer Works growler with 64ounces of Hella Hoppy – if you’re a Bay Area local and enjoy good beer I highly recommend them. And the only logical thing we could think of to accompany our delicious beer was PIZZA.

As I mentioned before I opened up Pinterest and typed in pizza and I saw so many delicious looking things. But one caught my eye – a Prosciutto Arugula pizza. Lemme go ahead and tell you how easy this recipe is – if I can do it, I guarantee your 4yr old son can do it too.

We made a quick trip to Trader Joes and picked up a pack of pre-made pizza dough ($1.20) and the pre-made pizza sauce next to it ($2.99). Then we picked up a package of prosciutto ($4.99), a bag of arugula ($2.99) and a bag of shredded mozzarella ($2.99). So for $15 we either have enough for 2 pizzas, or 1 pizza and snacks, or 1 pizza and a salad – what I’m trying to say, it was $15 and we had plenty of ingredients left over for other things.

What do you need:

  • Pizza pan
  • Couple handfuls Arugula
  • Prosciutto (4 slices per pizza)
  • 3/4cup shredded Mozzarella
  • 3-4tbsp tomato sauce
  • Pizza dough
  • 1tbsp olive oil

What do you do?

  • Preheat oven to 550 degrees or your oven’s highest setting
  • Grab your nearest pizza pie pan ($4.99 at Target) and slather a little bit of flour on it to ensure your pizza doesn’t stick
  • Coat your hands with flour and knead out the dough – we used a rolling pin too – until you get it to the size and consistency that you desire
  • Brush the edges with olive oil
  • Coat the dough with tomato sauce and sprinkle half of the cheese on top
  • Layer strips of prosciutto across the sauce and cheese
  • Spread the rest of the cheese on top and place in oven on middle rack.
  • Cook 6-9min – if the cheese is browning and bubbling, the pizza should be done
  • Place the fresh Arugula on top of the cooked pizza to finish off this delectable dish

And voila, within a few moments you should have a delicious and elegant pizza to share with friends and loved ones.



Date Nights!


A couple days ago we had a mini date night. I had a meeting with a client after work in danville so Rach drove out a met me there. After my meeting we headed over to The Counter in Walnut Creek. Guys… if you have not been there yet go. TRUST ME.

September_26__2013_at_0810PM 2


I mean look at that burger, sooo good!

We love turning boring adult responsibilities (like meetings) in to fun mini adventures. When it envelopes good food how could you lose, right?

– J

Welcome Back


I have decided to resurrect this blog to challenge myself since I do about this much blogging on my site —> 0.

Here are 3 things that I hope will happen:

  1. Share fun life events
  2. To try and blog more (I actually enjoy it when I actually do it)
  3. Maybe Rachel will get back in on it (she is the better writer and whittier and funnier, and smarter and well the list goes on and on)

While we all love reading about how Rachel Becomes a Kleist , there are fun events attached to some of those stories and you might be able to see them here. Along with tasty looking food and other adventures. I am not going to lie to you. There will be posts about our pup, disneyland and coffee.

I (we) hope you will keep coming back and seeing whats new. Stay classy.


Kleist Kamping 2k12

So the Kleist’s decided to go camping for the first time as a married couple. We did an overnight trip to Del Valle to make sure Rachel could handle it (jk).  It was all in all a good first camping experience together, but we did learn some important things:

  • Rachel would drink OFF if the side effect of that wasn’t death.
  • Ice cold PBR tastes amazing after setting up camp in the heat.
  • Boo the Boston is a great camp dog.
  • Rachel is crazy scared of bees and also bugs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Jason looks awesome in his Walmart camo camping cap.


To put it simply, the Kleist’s kick some major a$$ at camping.

Want to know more about this trip, Rach wrote a post from her POV on her blog.

Paleo is for Lovers


So we decided to go on the Paleo diet for 30 days. There are a few reasons we chose to do this, but the main reason is to feel healthier. It’s a big transition, but we figure anyone can do anything for 30 days and probably make it, so… we’re challenging ourselves.

What’s Paleo you may ask?

  • Paleo is a diet, aka The Paleo Diet. Basically, you go back to your caveman roots and only eat foods that can be killed or picked or dug up. We’re getting rid of wheat, sugar and processed foods – all of the things that we love so much.

How will we do this?

  • We’re going to eat according to the rules of the Paleo Diet. We’ve planned our meals for the next 30 days and rid our home of our favorite, non-Paleo friendly, foods. (we mourned this moment for too long, honestly… we’re still mourning)

Today was our first day, and we survived… but barely. I’d prepared for the absolute worst. No energy, cranky, hot and sweaty, hallucinations. But, save for my absolutely uncontrollable urge to eat bread 24 hours a day, it wasn’t really all that bad.

For Breakfast: we ate an egg/tomato/onion scramble smothered in dill and salt and pepper.

For lunch: I found this recipe for tuna salad that had tuna and every vegetable in the world, probably. We ate the tuna salad over Romaine lettuce because it was a salad.

For dinner: We grilled up some chicken breast, mushrooms and sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Every blog I’ve read about the Paleo diet has said you can eat as many veggies as you want forever, so… we’ve taken that pretty seriously. (I don’t have a photo because we were definitely too hungry to stop and photograph)

Lastly for dessert: We ended our first Paleo day with a banana, strawberry, chocolate almond milk, almond butter, and a little bit of chocolate whey powder smoothie that changed my life. (Also not pictured for same reason above)

So, we did it… for now at least, apart from feeling hungry for most of the day, and still kinda feeling hungry right now at 9:51pm.

We’ll chronicle this adventure so check back for updates.

Are any of you on the Paleo diet? Have you tried it before? Have any pointers?

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