Disneyland is still Better

We’re married!

June was probably one of the biggest months of our lives. As a recap we got married:


And then we went on a 10 day honeymoon. Here’s the story:

We woke up the day after the wedding in the same bed and that’s when we knew that being married was pretty cool. At around 1pm we left on a jet plane for Orlando with a quick (really quick) stop in Denver on the way. We touched down on Orlando soil and immediately started sweating – heat and humidity would be our friend for the next 9 days.

Orlando is weird but we eventually made it to the hotel around 2am with a grand feast in hand.

4 cheeseburgers, 20 piece chicken nug, 2 large fries and 2 cokes

McD’s is the ultimate fuel for Disneyworld, which is where we went the next morning.


Disneyworld is huge. There’s like 6 miles of magic, which can be a little overwhelming. Our first stop was the Magic Kingdom. In an attempt to make it more magical (?) they surrounded the Magic Kingdom with water. Your only options to get to the gates are by ferry or monorail.  I opted for the ferry ride which was super hot and sticky and was the wrong choice. Jason opted for the monorail which, in hindsight, would have been the right choice because he is usually right when it comes to things like that.

After 67 minutes (not exaggerating) and a small arm sunburn later, we were in the park. We bought 100+ proof sunscreen and then made our way to Tomorrowland.


After spending several days in the Magic Kingdom we’ve become experts and our expert advice is: Disneyland is probably better than the Magic Kingdom. So you’re welcome, for those of you who were thinking about spending lots of money on plane tickets and Dramamine and rental cars. (Everything is better in California)

Except for Epcot.

Epcot doesn’t exist in California and this is probably the only reason why I’d recommend Disneyworld to anyone (over Disneyland).

the golf ball

Epcot exists for 1 thing, and that 1 thing is food. You get a chance to travel the world’s cuisine without actually traveling the world. Seriously, we ate brats in Germany (and beer), fish & chips in the UK (and cider), curry udon in Japan, lamb and hummus in Morocco, and pastries in France. You could even do that all in one day if you’d like (not recommended).

We broke away from our 7 day excursion in the Happiest Place on Earth to visit Universal Studios (but mostly just Harry Potter Land).


There are a few things about Universal that suck. First of all they don’t let you take bags onto any ride so, after waiting in line forever, and passing several people who work at Universal, we would get to the front of the line for a ride and be turned away because we had a bag. Second, the rides are always broken. Don’t get excited about a ride because you’ll most likely walk all the way over there only to find that it’s broken down. These things are dumb and that’s why Disney will always be better.

However, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter changed my life: I drank butter beer and came almost face to face with Ron Weasley.

omg, butterbeer.

The only other ride worth riding in Universal is Jurassic Park and maybe the Hulk roller coaster.

Jason and I did a lot of theme park things but we also ate dinner at Seasons 52 where we had one of the best low-cal dinners we’ve ever tasted.

Rainbow Trout and other delicious things

We also smoked.

J’s version of Disneyworld

After 9 days of Disney honeymooning we were ready to come back to the Bay where streets are regulated by policemen and it doesn’t rain every afternoon at 4pm.

We give Disneyworld a B+ and Orlando a C-. We give Disneyland an A and California an A+ so, that’s why Disneyland is better.

The Disney experts

and a hidden mickey.