Paleo is for Lovers


So we decided to go on the Paleo diet for 30 days. There are a few reasons we chose to do this, but the main reason is to feel healthier. It’s a big transition, but we figure anyone can do anything for 30 days and probably make it, so… we’re challenging ourselves.

What’s Paleo you may ask?

  • Paleo is a diet, aka The Paleo Diet. Basically, you go back to your caveman roots and only eat foods that can be killed or picked or dug up. We’re getting rid of wheat, sugar and processed foods – all of the things that we love so much.

How will we do this?

  • We’re going to eat according to the rules of the Paleo Diet. We’ve planned our meals for the next 30 days and rid our home of our favorite, non-Paleo friendly, foods. (we mourned this moment for too long, honestly… we’re still mourning)

Today was our first day, and we survived… but barely. I’d prepared for the absolute worst. No energy, cranky, hot and sweaty, hallucinations. But, save for my absolutely uncontrollable urge to eat bread 24 hours a day, it wasn’t really all that bad.

For Breakfast: we ate an egg/tomato/onion scramble smothered in dill and salt and pepper.

For lunch: I found this recipe for tuna salad that had tuna and every vegetable in the world, probably. We ate the tuna salad over Romaine lettuce because it was a salad.

For dinner: We grilled up some chicken breast, mushrooms and sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Every blog I’ve read about the Paleo diet has said you can eat as many veggies as you want forever, so… we’ve taken that pretty seriously. (I don’t have a photo because we were definitely too hungry to stop and photograph)

Lastly for dessert: We ended our first Paleo day with a banana, strawberry, chocolate almond milk, almond butter, and a little bit of chocolate whey powder smoothie that changed my life. (Also not pictured for same reason above)

So, we did it… for now at least, apart from feeling hungry for most of the day, and still kinda feeling hungry right now at 9:51pm.

We’ll chronicle this adventure so check back for updates.

Are any of you on the Paleo diet? Have you tried it before? Have any pointers?

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Questions Answered

Well The Knot tells me I’m less than a month away from the big day…

I can’t believe it’s all coming up so quickly. It seems like just yesterday Jason was down on one knee. Turns out that was 5 months ago… wow how time flies!

Well with 30 days, Jason and I realize we’re in crunch time. We have meetings to attend, last minute things to buy, decorations to make and details to finalize. A lot of people have been asking us questions so I wanted to answer a few of them on here.

How is it going?

  • It’s all going well. Neither one of us are event planners so, this whole process has stretched us and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little tired. We can’t wait for the wedding day because we know it’s going to be amazing and wonderful, but we also can’t wait for it to be over so we can just enjoy being together without any wedding details looming over our heads!

Do you have everything for the wedding done?

  • Mostly. We’ve got the big details figured out, we’re working on finalizing some of the smaller pieces.
Are you stressed?
  • Ya, a little bit… as much as any bride and groom should be. We’re planning the biggest party of our lives, it can be a little nerve racking.
How can I help?
  • Just make sure to RSVP and buy us presents 🙂 Unless you’re in the wedding party, then you have some stuff to do.

How’s the new place?

  • Well, I’m not living there yet but Jason is and the more decorations and furniture we put in there, the more it feels like a home. It’s in an amazing location and it’s a great place so, we’re excited. I’m excited to move in and put some of the final touches on our home with all of our gift card money 😉

I think that answers some of the more frequent questions we get.

Thanks for caring enough about us to ask, your support means the world to us! 30 days!!!!!




Backyard BBQ with the Giants

Tonight we are enjoying some BBQ and a baseball game with friends.

A Big Thank You!

Planning a wedding is tough. I think we’re beginning to understand why wedding planners get paid the big bucks.

There are so many little details they don’t tell you about before you get married. When will you get your marriage license? How many people do you want to sit at each table? Where would you like the cake placed during the reception? Have you timed out the big day… down to the minute? Are all your vendors communicating with each other? The list goes on, and on, and on…

When you don’t hire a wedding planner what you save in money you make up for in your time. However, if we could go back and do it all over again, we’d still plan the wedding ourselves and there are 2 reasons why:

  1. When you plan your wedding, and you get your own sweat and blood in the mix, the big wedding day feels so much more real. And we’re hoping that on 6.10.12 you’ll be able to see our hands in all the intricate details. We’ve worked so hard and put so much thought into this day, we hope that comes through to our friends and family.
  2. As we look back on this whole process though, we realize there is only one true reason why we’re able to plan this special day. Jason and I spend hours talking through the day, agonizing over pain-staking details and moving and shaping the elements until they are exactly the way we want them to be. We’re only able to do that because of the amazing support system we have in our families. Between our parents, we have been given a structure that allows us to be flexible and really strive for a wedding day we’ve always imagined. We are both aware that, without our families and their support, we wouldn’t be able to make this day happen… and for that, we are so thankful.

We’re 52 days away from the biggest day in our lives and we are so excited that you will be there to share this day with us. Thank you to our friends, we’re going to make 6.10.12 the biggest party of the year! And thank you to our families, we love you more than you know and we are so thankful for the love and support you’ve shown us through all of this!

Signing off,


Engagement Photos!


Engagement Photos!, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Here are our engagement photos! All photos were taken by the awesome Kelly Boitano. |

J+R Life Update

Update Time!

A lot has happened since we set up this site.  First of all, you probably got your invitation, which means we know you’re currently filling out your RSVP card (with a “yep”) and putting it in the mail. Which we thank you in advance for doing so diligently, by the way.

In thinking up a post for you all, we realized we really underestimated how busy we would actually be (lol). We’d like to try to get you up to date, so we’ll start with the venue change.

You may have noticed the venue has changed, surprise! We were originally contracted with Crooked Vine Winery in Livermore but due to some reservations we had, we ended up switching venues (like 2 weeks ago). Now we’re at Rios-Lovell Estate Winery, Livermore’s hidden gem. This new venue works better for us and we feel really blessed to have found it. This whole story is a crazy one.  Ask us all about it the next time you see one of us.

In other news: RACHEL GOT A JOB! After lots of prayer and internet searching she finally landed a great job in an amazing company. She is now the Online Marketing Specialist for Shea Homes in their Northern California division. There are lots of great opportunities at the company and she’s really excited to learn more about the building industry and help develop their online marketing strategies!

Lastly, we found a place to live!!! We’re renting a condo in Livermore really close to Cornerstone and Shea, which we’re so excited about. We’re proud to call it Castle Von Kleist. We can’t wait to get the place cleaned up so we can take photos and have you all over for dinner. We will do a separate post once we have some pics, so stay tuned.

Well, we are busy busy bees lately so if we haven’t had a chance to update you about our lives in person we’re sorry and we’d love to hang out with you! We want to thank all of you who have been so generous in this process with us, for those of you who are going out of their way to help us with wedding plans, and for those of you who just provide us with some comic relief!  It is very much appreciated!

So, check back often. We plan to post at least once a week, you don’t want to miss out!


[Welcome Mat]

We’d like to welcome you to our blog.

If you weren’t aware, Jason and I (Rachel) are engaged (surprise!). Jason popped the big question on November 30th in front of the huge Christmas tree in Union Square. I said yes (duh).

Now I have bling on my finger and while it’s super distracting, we are beginning to realize just how much you have to do to get married. Prior to our engagement we were led to believe that once the ring was on your finger the Heaven’s opened up and the stars aligned and everything just fell into place. (Editor’s note[1]: I was also led to believe that once you were engaged your mom and bridesmaids just planned everything while you got pedicures and manicures and massages).

*Spoiler alert for all you non-marrieds: those things don’t happen. As it turns out, this whole “wedding thing” comes straight from the bride/groom’s brains – wish someone would have explained that to us like… 3 months ago.

We’re going to use this real estate Internet space to keep you guys “in the know”. We’re going to use this place as if it were a campfire (for stories), or a dinner table (for details), or a back porch (for ideas). We’re also going to use this place as a Christmas list (presents), a living room (awkward money talks) and even your parent’s mantel (pictures). Whatever we do here though, you’re going to want to be apart of it.

So, go ahead and take a look around. No room[2] is off limits – our place, is your place, because let’s face it… we’re all practically like family here anyways.


[1] Editor is same as author.

[2] Not an actual room.


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