The Kleists, Lately

Now’s as good a time as any to start using this thing again right? I just feel like I’m in the perfect blog writing position.


This is now.

There are some things about married life that you just aren’t told about, pre-married life. Like, for example, married life is really similar to single life. I can imagine that if I were single right now, it would be very likely that I’d be sitting outside in this gorgeous weather with a beer and my laptop. Marriage just means I get to do that with my best friend. #winwin

So, I’d like to update y’all a bit on our lives, since the last time we posted anything was October of last year (we’re super committed to this thing).

First off, Jason and I work together now, like literally, in the same department. For every 7 people that said this was a great idea, there were at least 2 who stated otherwise. We felt the ratios were tipped significantly in one direction, so we just decided to go for it. For the last seven months I’ve been the copywriter and online communications sensei at Cornerstone. It’s a big thing, working together. You take the dynamics from your home life and married life and you bring it to work. And likewise, you take your work stuff (and coworker) home with you. There are a few challenges that come with that, but when you’re as resilient as me and Jason, you just make it work. Truthfully, it’s been amazing. It’s not for everyone, but it works well for us.

Second, we’ve taken up racquetball and it’s pretty serious, you guys. If you even slightly know us, we’ve probably (definitely) bored you with our racquetball stories. But it’s true, nerdy and true. It should be noted that I (Rachel) do not suit up in the full garb, but my husband absolutely, 100% does. What does that entail? Well, that’s goggles, one glove (just for his racquet hand), a brightly colored sweatband, a racquet (obviously) and an official gear bag. So far there have been no major racquetball accidents, but I (Rachel) did almost go blind by hitting the racquetball straight into my own open eyeball. You’re probably saying out loud, “But Rachel, where were your goggles?” And I’m gonna go ahead and just tell you right now that I’ve opted out of the goggles, even after 2-near blindness incidences. I guess you can say I prefer to live on the wild side. If and when we will get our official “Team Racquetballers” sweat wicking shirts is still a mystery to me, but I can only imagine that Jason has already designed and ordered them.

serious racquetballers

Serious Racquetballers

Third, I ran another half marathon. I know I know, what am I doing to myself? Save the knees, Rachel! Livermore had their inaugural half marathon in March and since this is my city, I knew I’d only kick myself if I didn’t run it. So I trained (for real this time), for a little over 4 months and showed that race who was boss. It was really an incredible experience. My first half marathon was amazing, but it was in a town I wasn’t familiar with and I hadn’t ever run 13 miles before so I was more focused on the length (and heat) than I was with the whole experience. This time I felt more prepared, and subsequently more proud, because I had the chance to accomplish this in the place I’ve called home for the last 25 years. Plus, it helped that I was able to train ON the actual race route. Anyways, all that to say I finished strong and shaved 11 minutes off my last race time, woohoo!

You know I went straight for pizza and beer immediately after this photo was taken.

You know I went straight for pizza and beer immediately after this photo was taken.

Fourth, Jason and I recently met Guy Fieri. Plz don’t act like, if given the opportunity, you wouldn’t meet him too. Here’s the thing about the “Triple D” host – we think he’s a super goofball. Like, we’ve spent our fair share of time making fun of the guy, but when we happened upon a poster in our local Costco alerting us of his appearance, we simply couldn’t resist. Plus, Guy was there on Jason’s actual birthday, and Costco is less than a mile away from our home, we literally didn’t have a reason not to go. Anyways, we met him, and now we have this photo to memorialize the moment forever. If anything, at least I get to have the memory of Guy Fieri saying “Ah, J rolls with a redhead? I like that” to Jason, and that’s a pretty great memory.

Mr. Flavortown himself

Mr. Flavortown himself

Well, I was going to include a recipe in this post because #yolo, but Jason and I are eating an assortment of Trader Joes frozen appetizers because it’s 8:15pm and no one’s got time to cook these days.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to ask us about this blog a bunch now so we’ll remember to post on it more often!