[Welcome Mat]

We’d like to welcome you to our blog.

If you weren’t aware, Jason and I (Rachel) are engaged (surprise!). Jason popped the big question on November 30th in front of the huge Christmas tree in Union Square. I said yes (duh).

Now I have bling on my finger and while it’s super distracting, we are beginning to realize just how much you have to do to get married. Prior to our engagement we were led to believe that once the ring was on your finger the Heaven’s opened up and the stars aligned and everything just fell into place. (Editor’s note[1]: I was also led to believe that once you were engaged your mom and bridesmaids just planned everything while you got pedicures and manicures and massages).

*Spoiler alert for all you non-marrieds: those things don’t happen. As it turns out, this whole “wedding thing” comes straight from the bride/groom’s brains – wish someone would have explained that to us like… 3 months ago.

We’re going to use this real estate Internet space to keep you guys “in the know”. We’re going to use this place as if it were a campfire (for stories), or a dinner table (for details), or a back porch (for ideas). We’re also going to use this place as a Christmas list (presents), a living room (awkward money talks) and even your parent’s mantel (pictures). Whatever we do here though, you’re going to want to be apart of it.

So, go ahead and take a look around. No room[2] is off limits – our place, is your place, because let’s face it… we’re all practically like family here anyways.


[1] Editor is same as author.

[2] Not an actual room.