Questions Answered

Well The Knot tells me I’m less than a month away from the big day…

I can’t believe it’s all coming up so quickly. It seems like just yesterday Jason was down on one knee. Turns out that was 5 months ago… wow how time flies!

Well with 30 days, Jason and I realize we’re in crunch time. We have meetings to attend, last minute things to buy, decorations to make and details to finalize. A lot of people have been asking us questions so I wanted to answer a few of them on here.

How is it going?

  • It’s all going well. Neither one of us are event planners so, this whole process has stretched us and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little tired. We can’t wait for the wedding day because we know it’s going to be amazing and wonderful, but we also can’t wait for it to be over so we can just enjoy being together without any wedding details looming over our heads!

Do you have everything for the wedding done?

  • Mostly. We’ve got the big details figured out, we’re working on finalizing some of the smaller pieces.
Are you stressed?
  • Ya, a little bit… as much as any bride and groom should be. We’re planning the biggest party of our lives, it can be a little nerve racking.
How can I help?
  • Just make sure to RSVP and buy us presents 🙂 Unless you’re in the wedding party, then you have some stuff to do.

How’s the new place?

  • Well, I’m not living there yet but Jason is and the more decorations and furniture we put in there, the more it feels like a home. It’s in an amazing location and it’s a great place so, we’re excited. I’m excited to move in and put some of the final touches on our home with all of our gift card money 😉

I think that answers some of the more frequent questions we get.

Thanks for caring enough about us to ask, your support means the world to us! 30 days!!!!!